Italian food

I met my friend Mimi the make up business owner and took her out to dinner in my home area. Even though this is a rural area, there are a number of great Italian restaurants nearby. One of the places that Mimi and I wanted to visit in the Lake Anna region is Vito’s Vito’s specializes in Italian cuisine and sandwiches, and cooking in fine Italian style. Vitos has a number of appetizing selections on the list. Some of the their well known entrees include the pasta and seafood entrees that are mouth watering as well as affordable.Vito Taormina (Picarelli} moved from Italy to the US in 1989 with a vision of becoming a successful restaurant owner. Vito;s Cucina is in a simple Italian style. The thing about Vito’s is that it is authentic Italian food,made in true Italian style for those who want an authentic version of Italian food.
Vitos learned the restaurant trade in New York City and then came South to appeal to individuals who have a love of casual and fine cuisine. This is a restaurant that has something for everyone From simple pizza and calzones to Shrimp Scampi and Chicken Artichoke Piccata.Vito;s is a delicious and unique restaurant that I was proud to take Mimi to. I didn’t know whether she wanted something simple like a pizza or something more like an entree. Mimi wanted an entree and since I had heard good things, I recommended the Shrimp Alfredo.
This is a restaurant in real Italian style. Make sure you take the time to visit as it is real Italian food available at a reasonable price. Delicious entrees are readily available. One of the specialties of the house is Chicken Artichoke. Piccata. It is one of the many choices you can find when you are looking for food with a real Italian flair. Always a sucker for Pasta I had the toasted ravioli as an appetizer, and shared it with Mimi, I also had with insalata which comes plain or with chicken or salmon. It is just one of the options you may be looking forward to at Vito’s. Mimi enjoyed her Shrimp Alfredo.
Mimi and I ordered two different entrees. I had the Chicken Parmigiana that was delectable and the right taste and temperature.

There was just he right amount of sauce ad cheese on the entree and gave me the total taste of the dish prepared with Italian flair. The staff at Vito’s is friendly, and they give individuals what they are looking for when it comes to fine dining or a causal sandwich, Vito’s has both, and is one of the few places in the lake area that you can get everything. Mimi loved the selection but Vito’s was not inexpensive, as it is just one of the ways ways you can get delicious authentic food at the lake. it Locally, the restaurant is known for having the best pizza on the lake, and Mimi wants to try that next. Those who have lived in Italy attest to the fact that Vito’s is authentic and delicious, and Mimi and I are no exception to that.